Today I have been mostly thinking about scent! I was potting up a tray of tiny lavender plants, and as I pushed these grey scrappy little twigs into the gritty compost, the scent of lavender filled the air, even from these puny stragglers. In the cold tunnel, wrapped up to the hilt I was transported fleetingly to summer nights, when the heat of the day is fading and the air is still and its time to cut flowers for the next days work. Its so lovely to be able to grow flowers and foliage specifically for beautiful scent, from the pretty floral of the sweet pea, to the herbal savouriness of the rosemary, to the clean, fresh smell of eucaluptus foliage that reminds me of salty air and beaches, to the intoxicating rich parfume of the garden roses. Imagine these scents mingling together in your bouquet, what could be better!

On a less atheistic note, flowers do not produce their scents for our trembling noses! Scent is a valuable attractant for our little mates the pollinators, the honey bees, butterflies and other hungry bugs, they follow the scent trail to find their nectar dinner, and thus providing the flower with a helping hand in their reproduction. This is a really good article about plant scent should you be interested!




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